Freelance Digital Artist

Terms Of USe

Commission Status: OPEN

Thank you for your support! All commissions will have the turn around time for 1-2 months at the least. This ensures I take my time to create your commission to the best of my ability.

Important Please Read

All commissions are for personal use only. If you would like to use my art commercially such as emotes, badges, or for any reason, please don't hesitate to email me.[email protected]

  • All Commissions must be through Paypal Invoices Only. Not Venmo, Stripe. square, etc as I do not use anything but Paypal for the time being.

  • I post all Drafts/finished products of my commissions to my social media. Make sure to give my your handle so I can tag and credit you properly. If you would like me not to post it, you may pay a $10 fee which will be added to your invoice.

  • Please do not use my art to Mint as an NFT, or enter it in any AI/ML database. This may result in you being blacklisted.

  • I allow refunds, as long as I have not started your commission. Refunds are not given if I am half way through the artwork.

  • I do not make any revisions; i won't start over entire drawings. However, minor changes can be made at the sketch phase.

  • Edits/changes may not be made to my work by the commissioner after the commission is finished. For example changing the skin tone, eyes, etc.

  • Please be transparent. If you are unhappy with the sketch, tell me then. Once colors are laid down, no changes can be made to the sketch. Only adjustments to the colors can be changed.

  • Commissioners have the choice of their way they wish to be contacted. Discord, IG/Twitter Dms, etc.

  • I will post progress of commissions on My Trello Below.

  • I will normally post updates at each phase. For example; sketch, lineart, flat colors, final as well as any fixes being made as well. This all Depends on the commission. Value painting bonus for digital paintings. For emotes and badges they will be updated in batches such as groups of 3, 4, or 5 depending on the amount you order.

  • Reposts are allowed as long as credit is given such as tagging me and giving me credit in bio if used as icon/banner. If you did NOT commission me, you do not have my consent to repost any of my work on social media, especially commissions.

Won't Draw

Pet portraits
NSFW/Fetish art
Muscular characters
anything offensive
Copying Another artists style

If Anything is on the list you are unsure about, don't hesitate to Email me questions! I will reply BETWEEN mONDAY-FRIDAYS. wEEKENDS i WON'T BE AVAILABLE.

How to Order

Email me at Or fill out the google form.


Fullbodies I am currently not doing but is subject to change!

Please keep in mind these are only Base Prices. Prices can be more due to complexity of the commission.



Thigh-Up - $40-50

Semi-realism Portrait- $60

Twitch Badges $65

5 badges-$25 USD
10 badges- $35 USD
15 badges- $45 USD
20 badges-$65 USD

Emotes $85

5 emotes-$55 USD
10 emotes- $65 USD
15 emotes- $85 USD
20 emotes-$95 USD

YCH Commissions